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There are many replacement parts that you’ll need to get for your vehicle over the years, and brake calipers are certainly one of them. Without a brake caliper, then, no vehicle would be able to stop. KTG focuses on manufacturing brake parts for the aftermarket. All KTG Aftermarket Brake Caliper continue the performance and specification of the original OE part.

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KTG AUTO not only provides caliper but also comes with repair kits, there’re many spare parts: caliper piston, actuator, caliper mounting bracket, brake rubber bushing, caliper mounting bolt kit, caliper pad clip kit, brake caliper repair kit. We have more than 3,000 OE numbers for aftermarket brake caliper and brake caliper parts. For any specific inquiry on brake caliper or catalogue, contact sales@ktg-auto.com with detail.

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Brake Caliper Pad Clip Kit

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Brake Caliper Mounting Bolt Kit

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Brake Caliper Actuator

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Brake Rubber Bushing

Brake Caliper Repair Kit Functions

Brake caliper repair kits prevent the working fluid leakage and ensure free travel of moving components. Pistons are used to directly transmit the braking force to the brake pads. Sealing rings prevent fluid leakage from between the piston and the cylinder. The guide sleeves ensure motion of the caliper and brake pads. Dust boots protect the assemblies from dirt and moisture, and also serve to retain the grease. Hold-down springs ensure the proper brake pads position and prevent their rattling while driving. Servicing and lubrication of brake caliper elements require special agents which, as a rule, are included in the repair kit.


Usage Of The Repair Kit

Often, the brake caliper malfunctions result from jamming of its moving components - guide pins and pistons. There are several causes of faults of these elements. The most common of them are:

1. The dust boots rupture. Due to damage to their integrity, the brake caliper moving elements are exposed to moisture, dirt, and thawing chemicals. Eventually, this results in corrosion and jamming of components.

2. Usage of an unsuitable grease. Do not use lithium or graphite lubricants to service the guide pins. Their ingredients have a disruptive impact on rubber elements. They lose elasticity, swell and obstruct free sliding of the guide pins.

3. Delayed brake fluid replacement. Due to its high water absorbing capacity, the water amount in its composition rises in the course of time. This promotes the internal corrosion of the pistons. The vehicle's prolonged storage sometimes results in similar consequences.

The brake system efficiency is directly dependent on the state of the guide pins and pistons. Therefore, in the case of any faults, repair the brake caliper immediately. Buying an appropriate repair kit is the most advantageous solution. It comprises everything you need to restore the assembly, which saves you money and time.

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